Copy and paste the below message for all your followers:

Log in to your Webtalk!
1. Open and view your profile. Add a little more to your profile. You MUST have at least a real name and a real photo of yourself and complete profile to qualify for affiliate status, and to attract those you invite.
2. Invite, personally, directly, at least 5 of your close family and friends, on their phone or computer go to your profile or invitation page, if they join on your profile page they will also be connected and count as your referral. Ask them to do these same 2 steps.
3. Ask the one who invited you if you need more information about Webtalk, and see for exclusive information and help on achieving maximum success with Webtalk.
4. Use webtalk daily with your friends and connections, it's the best way to appreciate how it works.
5. Repeat these steps as often as you can: FOLLOW UP with those you invited, to keep reminding them and help them through these steps. This way, you, and them, and those they invite, can earn good money.
You are welcome to copy and paste this post onto your own timeline, provided you do not change anything and include all five steps as seen here. Forward to success!