First please note. As explained at Start you must follow ALL steps, and those steps are NOT all published here in the open at — ESSENTIAL steps are NOT visible to the public and are at links given within these steps that take you to — if you can NOT see those parts of the steps then you are not, or not yet, within the team that this is designed for. You should go back to the START and follow those instructions carefully.

Now, if you ARE a member of Webtalk AND CAN see open the link mentioned in the previous START step, you are good to continue!

DAY 1:

  1. Make sure your Webtalk profile has a real photo of you. If not, add one NOW at click on your photo or menu, go to Profile, and add a photo of you.
  2. Make sure your Webtalk name is your correct name (at least first and last name). You can edit your name on this page:
  3. Start to complete your profile, you need to reach 100% to qualify to earn the monthly income from Webtalk and succeed in completing all these steps. Watch the Profile Completion meter on your profile page.
  4. TODAY you can: add a short bio "About me" even if one sentence, add one job you have had under Experience (if you never had a job put something else in there), add at least one Education you have had, and add your contact information. Your completion meter should then show AT LEAST 70%
  5. To get 10 Connections will be in later steps, also to get a Recommendation.

This completes the task for Day 1 — ONLY if you have completed these steps, go to Step2