If you have NOT completed ALL previous steps, go to Start.

NOTE: The sooner you can complete this step, the quicker and the more you will be earning. DO YOUR BEST.


At this step, you need to make a note of your "Landing Page Link" — you will find it mentioned on this page: https://www.webtalk.co/rl/ if you are logged in. COPY it and also WRITE IT DOWN.

Now, change the /be/home/ part to /o/r/ and write it down again. Try it out by visiting your Landing Page Link as above described, it should work: you should see your invitation page with your name and photo inviting people to join and with a sign up form. Note there is also a "Watch our video" on your landing page, if you have not yet watched that video, WATCH IT NOW.

Note: you can also use your username after the /o/r/ instead of the numbers. BUT TRY IT OUT first before you share your Landing Page Link with others.

You should NOT tell people about Webtalk until after they have joined via your above landing page (sign up page) - if they want to know about Webtalk they should watch the video on that page! This is because otherwise they may search Webtalk and arrive at an advertisement and join via someone else!

NOW: KEEP INVITING your friends, family, colleagues, ANYONE you can, to join Webtalk VIA YOUR LANDING PAGE LINK. Do not send anyone to this Website before you are sure they have joined and show up in your Level 1 Track Referrals page!

Everyone that has joined via your link, after they joined send them to http://www.webtalkpro.net/start so that they too will follow this same system, so that both they AND you will benefit!


To qualify to receive payments from Webtalk you must be over 18, and have your profile 100% complete. It is very easy to complete your profile to 70%. Go to your Profile from your Webtalk menu and fill out the various parts correctly. You will have at least 70%. If you don't have 10 connections and a recommendation, we will help you with that in the coming steps.

Please read everything on this page above AGAIN and carefully, BEFORE going to the next step.

While you are doing all this, make sure you made a note of this step's page so you can come back to check at any time, it is www.webtalkpro.net/step2

Now, go to Step3