Only continue here is you have completed ALL previous steps. Otherwise go to Start.

It is NOT possible to succeed by missing ANY of the steps, and some are only visible when steps have been completed. Without being able to view those intermediary steps linked in the previous steps, which require you to have a Webtalk account AND be in the network of this same team, you CANNOT proceed. If you HAVE completed those previous steps and not had "Sorry, this content isn't available right now" then you can proceed as per below:

Now, at Step 3 you will connect to your mentor as instructed below, and follow his Webtalk posts that have the ATTENTION image on them - those relating to this "A-Team" or "X-Team" will only be visible to you if you have done that AND are in this team. That WILL be the case if you could see all previous steps (and links within them!).

You should also have Telegram installed so that you will receive full support from the "A-Team" as well as notifications of important updates and to be able to contact for any assistance required. So now:

If you have not yet got Telegram, get it here:

If you have Telegram, join this Channel:

Now, to be invited to the A-Team Group on Telegram, send ONE message with the following information, to who is A-Team Trainer.

A) Your full name
B) Your Webtalk Profile Link (get it from copy and paste it)
C) How % complete is your profile (find this from your Profile page)

After doing the above, proceed to the next step:

If you get "Sorry, this content isn't available right now" then you have NOT completed all previous steps carefully! Go back to the Start and do NOT miss out anything. E.g. you need to inform A-Team trainer via Telegram as above.