Now you will have a 100% complete profile. Make sure of this by going to your Webtalk Profile page via your Webtalk menu. If it is not 100% complete, you should NOT be at this step yet.

If you have skipped any steps, go back to Start and check each step again carefully.

Now, for this step, you go here:

Again if you have cheated along the way you will not be able to see the above link and it will show "Sorry, this content isn't available right now" — THIS system is designed so that ONLY those who are part of this team and have completed all steps — can succeed.

We only want honest people in our Team and those who are RELIABLE and will follow through ALL these steps correctly: because this is what will ensure YOUR success, the person who invited you to Webtalk their success, the one that invited them, and so on, for ALL our team success.

This system ENURES the maximum possible commission earnings from Webtalk — as described in previous steps and ensures success if all steps are followed.

So for everyone who SHOULD be at this step by now, here again is the next step: