What is Webtalk

Webtalk is a new platform for those who want to communicate professionally and personally. Webtalk can share profits with you, unlike other platforms. Webtalk gives half the income to its members. You can use Webtalk for sharing updates, pictures, videos, files with any of your contacts, or public, or only private contacts, or only professional contacts, or only family, or friends, you can choose easily when posting. You can manage all your online relationships better with Webtalk: adding tags, notes, and more. You can send messages too.

What are the benefits?

Webtalk provides many benefits to students, teachers, professionals, job hunters, recruiters, and even private people. The profile, contact, news and communication features are powerful. It is the world's first Social CRM. Even joining for free you can make much money from using Webtalk and inviting everyone you know to join, when they also invite others, and those invite others, and o on, you will be receiving 10% of all the money (advertising, account upgrades, time and product sales etc) from all these 5 degrees of separation: this can build up to a very large number of people and good income. You receive this income forever. See "How to make money" for more details.

Those who upgrade to Webtalk Pro receive additional benefits: powerful search features (search available for work, age, location, etc) some messages to non-contacts, unlimited professional connections, spotlight posts and more.

How to join?

You can only join Webtalk from someone's invitation. Here is my free invitation: https://www.webtalk.co/o/r/lika.j

At หน้านี้ you can find more information with pictures to help you if you don't understand English.

How to invite others?

After you joined Webtalk you go to Track Referral Dashboard at www.webtalk.co/rl/ and copy your landing page link from there. Paste that into an Email, chat message or onto a website, to share it with anyone and everyone you want to invite. You can invite everyone, they will be in your money earning network. You can decide which of those people you also want to have as connections/contacts. You can invite people and they can join, you don't have to accept connection.

How to put profile?

Go to menu in your Webtalk and click on "Profile". You can then edit your photo, tag line (good idea to write Join Webtalk click top right) for tag line, background image to make it look nice, and then click "Done". You should also add at least a short introduction about you in "About Me", some job experience in "Experience" (if you don't have, you can put company "Webtalk Thai", and job: "Beta tester" or "Affiliate". Also put at least one education. Put true information so that you can qualify to be paid commissions from Webtalk.

How I can use?

Webtalk is like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn, all in one place. You can also update your Facebook, Linkedin, and/or Twitter, when you make an update on Webtalk. Click the buttons for those networks, if you have account in any of them, before you click the "Talk" button to post an update. You can attach photos, Youtube videos, files, to your updates. You can filter your news feed to show only posts from friends, or professional colleagues, etc. You can get good jobs by having your CV on your Webtalk profile, and you can make each section of your Profile public, or restricted to personal, professional or all connections.

How to make money?

Just invite your friends, family and others to join Webtalk through your invitation sign-up landing page (see above). You will always receive 10% of any income that Webtalk makes from showing advertising, product sales, or Pro account upgrades, from all those that you invite, for life, for free. If you also want to receive 10% from levels 2, 3, 4, 5 from all those they have invited, you will need at least one person on your direct referrals (level 1) to have upgraded to Pro. You can track all your network growth, and commissions from your Referral Dashboard at www.webtalk.co/rl/

Webtalk Pro upgrade

If you upgrade to Webtalk Pro you have some additional features, such as "spotlight posts" which are Emailed to all your followers, unlimited professional connections (professional acquaintances category is free but specific relationships you get 50 on free account), unlimited who viewed your profile (free account only shows last 3 visitors to your profile), advanced search, job availability, and stealth mode when visiting profiles. To upgrade, go to your Settings page at www.webtalk.co/s/

How to get support?

We have a free support in Thai language for everyone who joins Webtalk through our invitation or through you and everyone that joins through them etc. Just send Telegram message to t.me/szondy with your Webtalk full name, and you will be added to the Thai language telegram group.