If someone already has Webtalk and is inviting you, join from their link which they can give you from their menu "Referrals Dashboard". If you are the first to join then please join here: https://www.webtalk.co/o/r/lika.j

At that page you can complete the form, it looks like this:

  • First Name: Put your first name
  • Last Name: Put your last name
  • Email: Put your Email address, it is important that you can read your Email because you will receive a Verify Link. You must open the Email and click the blue Verify button. If you cannot find the Email in your inbox, please look in the junk, spam, social or Promotions folder of your Email. Your Webtalk account won't be registered until you do verify the Email as above described.
  • Password: decide a password for your Webtalk, it must be at least 8 characters long, and must have at least on big letter, small letter, number and special character ($,&,!,;,%)…
  • Click on "Continue"

Now you will see the next window to complete your sign-up to join Webtalk:

  • Birthday: Please put your correct birthday because if you want to receive money from Webtalk your information should be correct, same as when you open bank account. The first box is the Month, Jan = , Feb = , Mar = , Apr = , May = , Jun = , Jul = , Aug = , Sep = , Oct = , Nov = , Dec = . Then the date of the month, and then the year (Western system, not Thai date).
  • City you live in: here write your city in English letters, or, click "Get current location"
    to get your nearest location automatically. A window will open and click the blue button "Allow location access"
  • Click "Female" if you are female and "Male" if you are male
  • Click Continue
  • NOW CHECK YOUR EMAIL: see above, check all folders, and open the Email from Webtalk and click on the blue "verify" button and your Webtalk account will be activated. You will receive a second Email welcoming you, just go to webtalk.co and login!