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Table of Contents

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebTalk?

For the best answer please view this video:

After watching the video the best way to find out is to experience it, you need an invitation to join, if you don't have an invitation from someone already, here is my free invitation for you: click here to join WebTalk

In brief, WebTalk is the world's first Social CRM which enables you to manage your connections better, communicate better and showcase who you are to the public or to specific groups only, better than any other social media platform. You can post text, files, photos, video to different categories of contacts, manage your different relationship groups easily between Professional and Personal, and within each there are also many sub groups so whatever you want to share is seen by the people you wish to see it and not by others.

Likewise your timeline both outgoing and incoming has quick and powerful filtering, to see for example just posts by your family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, specific companies, class mates, clients, vendors, partners, or potential investors, and much more. You can search and find posts easily via the powerful patent-pending search function and filter to see posts only from those you have added tags or comments to.

Think of WebTalk as Linked-In on steroids with more useful features, Facebook without the clutter and complicated privacy settings, Drop box for storing files, photos, documents, and sharing them with specific groups, and even as a blog where you can post to the public or specific categories of your connections, where they can reply with comments and sub comments. Each time your public posts are seen by a non-WebTalk member, they cannot go beyond the first few lines or see other posts without joining WebTalk and they then count into your referral network. You can earn commissions 5 levels deep. See Affiliates FAQ.

What is the Benefit of Webtalk?

Webtalk solves two major problems: the fragmentation of your contacts/content/communication and the lack of control you have over it on other platforms. Webtalk consolidates all of your contacts, communication and content then organizes it and gives you back control of it to help you regain your privacy, maintain relationships, save time and money, and grow your businesses/careers.


As soon as Webtalk is out of Beta and SocialCPX opens so that you can add your payment information. It cannot be predicted exactly when Beta will be finished: this depends on a) fixing bugs b) deploying Pro accounts c) investment and upgrades to increase capacity and employ more staff. Of course with 100 staff instead of 19, things will move a lot faster. But please keep in mind:

1) If Webtalk sells a slice of the company for less money now just to get things finished quicker, e.g. Zuckerberg offers 100 million and wants 50%, Webtalk will say NO. Why? Because the LEAST slice must be sold for the MOST money so that WE get the MOST income. If 50% of Webtalk is sold, our commissions will be only half of what they would have been!

2) This means that we have to be patient but KEEP INVITING people not only to join, but follow them up and encourage them to USE webtalk: the more it is used, the more value it has, the less shares can be sold for the highest value, the sooner we will therefore get out of Beta and the more money we will all make. SO:

Because Webtalk is ALREADY even while in Beta, BETTER than Facebook and LinkedIn, because of it's 3 wow-factors: easy filtering of timeline, easy targeting of posts, and powerful CRM features when editing Contacts, please follow up on all that you invite and ENCOURAGE THEM to USE WEBTALK MORE. Also, USE IT MORE YOURSELF: set a good example!

To post something useful every day to get things moving for yourself and all your followers, copy and paste the text from this message into your daily post and then every day you can just click on the Share button below your post to re-post it:

Is there a help desk?

Coming soon there will be, when there is, it will be announced here. Meanwhile you can ask for help via the Email in your WebTalk menu click on Help, or join the Telegram chat group at (two k's at the end). Everyone can see everyone in the group and it can get busy, but we try to help out with questions that are not answered here on this FAQ page. If you have been invited and are already a member, you should ask for help from the person who invited you.

How can I be updated on important changes and tips?

Join join this Telegram channel: — unlike the Telegram chat group mentioned above, members of this Channel cannot see other members and no one except Admin can post. Usually there are less than one alerts per day. That link will also show you how to get Telegram if you don't have it already — one of the best secure messaging services today.

Who is behind WebTalk?

Real people, with real profiles and real history that you can verify. Once you join WebTalk while it is still in Beta you will see posts by one of the founders and CEO, R J Garbowicz. WebTalk now has corporate HQ office in St Petersburg, Florida. I have had direct conversations with the founders included the CEO and CTO, they are people with a vision to make the world a better place through enabling people to communicate better, achieve more success and share that success with those using WebTalk (revenue share for those who register as Affiliates) as well as giving 10% to the WebTalk Foundation.

What is BETA?

Beta means the product is not 100% completed. There are still some bugs and issues that need fixing, and some new features being worked on. This takes a lot of programming effort and testing. We are fortunate to be able to use Webtalk while it is almost complete: In exchange for the privilege you must accept a few things don't work 100% on all devices and platforms but we are rewarded by future income "for life" (of the company) which you can also transfer to other loved ones later if you wish. It is expected to go out of BETA at the end of 2018 or early 2019. More about this here.

Please understand this is a invite-only beta test to work through the bugs and there will be issues. If you have them, please report them to the Facebook page messenger and they will try to get to them as quickly as possible.

Is there an App?

NO! Not yet. DO NOT download any apps claiming to be WebTalk from any mobile stores. These are NOT approved and maybe be stealing passwords, your contact lists, and other nasty things. When there is an app (expected before end of 2018) it WILL be announced here and it will be from WebTalk Inc not from any other developer.

Joining WebTalk

Joining WebTalk is free by you need an invitation from an existing user. Ask the person who invited you, otherwise if you do not have an invitation you are very welcome to accept my FREE invitation to join WebTalk by clicking here!

After requesting to join, you will be able to see WebTalk in view only mode until you have confirmed your Email, see the next section about Email Confirmation.

Email Confirmation to Join WebTalk

Those joining WebTalk have to confirm their Email is valid by clicking a link in an Email that will be sent upon joining WebTalk. If your referral does not receive the Email, ask them to look in the Junk, Spam and Promotion Folders. If they still can't find it they can go to and click an option to re-send their verification email, or change their Email address.

Why is my Birth date not accepted?

Currently it needs to be in the USA format of MM/DD/YYYY please be sure to put month first, then date, then year.

Using WebTalk

Getting Started

Here are a few tips on getting started with WebTalk


The first thing to start with is your profile. Your Profile is located on the Profile menu by clicking on your image top left or on the 3 bar menu top right. Upload a nice picture and also click the Edit on your profile banner to add a nice banner image. This creates not only a professional image, but also will help you if you want to earn money from commissions on WebTalk because to join the Affiliate Program (SocialCPX) you must have your profile completed to 100%.

Take your time to update your profile a little each day, starting with the photo and banner image, your About Me Bio (you can set this to Public, Connections only or Private or Personal Connections or Professional Connections who can see it), and you will see the progress bar on your Profile page move closer to 100%. Add your work history or at least your current job or activity, after saving, you can again choose to make this work history section visible to various types of your contacts or the pubic, by clicking on the orange globe icon and changing it.

Then complete, or at least add one or more of your Educational history. Again you can choose the privacy settings for the visibility of this section on your profile page after saving (click the check/tick) your Education history changes, by clicking on the icon which shows an orange globe if it is visible to the public, click or tap it to change it to the categories of your contacts that you wish to be able to see your Education history. You can even set it to "me only" as with all above sections.

The last 15% that takes you from 85% to 100% is a Recommendation. See the section on this page about Recommendations.


You can add or change your profile photo by going to Profile on the menu.

Banner Photo

It helps to also add a banner photo which is the big background photo at the top of your profile page and a "tag line" to make your profile look great. Click on the Edit button on your Profile to add or add a banner image, the optimum size is 2000 pixels wide, 350 pixels high, but you can experiment and there is an Opacity Slider which adjusts the brightness opacity of your banner photo so that your "by line" or "tag line" text and background photo can contrast nicely.

Tag Line

Across your banner photo you can display a "tag line" such as a slogan or what represents you, what you believe in, etc. While optional, it works very nicely, try it out, experiment!


Below your "tag line" on your Banner Photo, your location is displayed in smaller font. This is taken from "Current Location" on you Settings Page. You can edit Current Location there to whatever you want, what you put there will show on your profile Banner Photo.

HTML links, styles

When editing your Profile, you can use basic HTML such as <a href="">Web Page</a> and <b>bold text</a> etc.


Next, after setting up your profile and privacy of each section of your profile, try making your first post. Notice below the box where you type your post (and the paper clip icon where you can tap to add any images or files) there is by default an orange bar "Public". Tap on that to change it to whatever category of your connections you wish to see the post. This could be All Connections (those you have approved as connections), Professional Connections (those you have put into a Professional category), Personal Connections (all those you put into Personal categories such as Families, Friends, and Personal Acquaintances), Custom (select this to choose e.g. only Family, or only Colleagues from a certain company etc), or Me if you want it visible to no-one except yourself* (*see Privacy).

Those who see your post and who are also connected to you can comment on it, like it, and if the post is public, then also share it. Under each post are buttons for Comment, Like, Share.

Blogging and Your Posts in News Tab

If you go to your Profile and click on the News Tab you will be at — and there you will see all of your posts along with the target audience of each which you can see by the symbol (e.g. public posts have an orange globe next to the headline). You can always change the privacy of any post at any time by clicking on those icons.

The public however, can only see the first part of each of your public posts if they go directly to and as soon as they click anywhere they are asked to sign up. If they visit your profile page first at then try to click on News, Photos, etc, they won't see anything as again they will be asked to Join Webtalk. In all such cases if they join YOU get the referral and they are added into your Referral network, even if they do not connect to you, or follow you.

You can therefore use Webtalk also as a public blog, with the benefit that each public post you can share elsewhere with a link, and those following that link can read your post and join Webtalk, if they join they are in your Referral Network! If you share your news page link they can see all posts but only read the first few sentences, to read more they are prompted to sign up and are then in your Referral Network!


To have your profile 100% complete (see the completion progress bar on your Profile page which shows what you have completed and what remains to be done) you must also have at least one Recommendation.

This has to be by someone who is a Connection with you on Webtalk (it was a bug in the past that allowed non-connections to write recommendations).

How do I get a Recommendation?

Recommendations are professional recommendations, so ask anyone who has worked with you now or in th past who knows you well enough to give you a recommendation. If they aren't on Webtalk yet, send them your profile link and ask them to recommend you and that its very important (you'll also get the referral). They have to be a Connection to be able to write you a Recommendation.

If it is someone you know who is already on Webtalk and they know you well enough and are a Connection, you can go to their Profile Page and scroll to the bottom and click on the link "Ask for a Recommendation". If you also can recommend them, select the Correct relationship boxes before writing your recommendation. Take care with it, as they will only want to publish it on their Profile page if it is correct.

Who can see Recommendations?

On your profile page, scroll to the bottom and there you can approve to make visible, delete, or ignore (the Recommendation will not be visible but not deleted from your own view).


Next, take a look at your WebTalk home page Newsfeed. This is where you see under the box where you can type, a "wall" of posts from people you are following, or connected to. See the differences between Following and Connections and Contacts in another section of this FAQ page. Now look at the row of icons at the start of those posts, just under your comment box. On the left is an icon all by itself, looking like a filofax or calendar. This is the default and shows ALL posts. You will also (during BETA period only) see posts from the CEO and Founder of WebTalk. Tap on it, and you can then change the posts you will see to only Top News, Public Posts, posts by your Professional Connections, only posts to/from your Personal Connections, and Custom where you can again select specific sub categories of your Contacts and Connections, or Me which will show only the posts you have made to yourself.

Then to the right on that icon you will see icons so you can show only posts with images, video, files, and a search magnifying glass icon to search for specific posts by using keywords that have appeared in those posts.

The filtering of your time line as above described, helps you to see only posts from certain groups/categories of your contacts, when you want. In the evening when you are relaxing maybe you only want to see posts from Friends, Family or all Personal Connections. You won't miss anything. If you find too many posts from a certain person you can adjust their news slider, see section on this page about Contacts, Following, Connections.


You can post video files currently, but the viewer was pulled because it was running slow. Video Viewer 2.0 is coming soon.

You can also post YouTube links in your newsfeed updates and they will appear in your post as a playable video.


Not yet, but coming soon!

Contacts, Following, Connections

These are very powerful WebTalk features, and it is important to understand them correctly. You can access your Contacts (and connections and those you are following) from the Contacts menu top right three horizontal bars. On desktop it is expanded and easy to see and search and edit. On mobiles note that the layout is different: at the top is search so you can easily search your contacts based on tags you added to them, their names, or their companies or their job titles.

At first you see a list of All Contacts. Tap on the folder icon to the right, to change that to an expandable list of different types of contacts: Followers (who is following you), Following (who you are following), All Contacts, Professional Contacts (tap on that to expand it to the many sub categories of professional contacts), Personal (tap on that to expand it to Friends, Family, Acquaintances), Pending Connections, People you may know (this will improve when more people use WebTalk and new geographical features may be added), Who Viewed Your Profile (to see who viewed your profile, after Beta standard accounts will only see the last 5), and People You Recommend to show who you have added your recommendations onto their profile.

Tap on the type of contacts you wish to display from that list, then tap on the blue bar at the top that will appear so that you can display them. Easy and powerful contact management, but that is not all!


You can add a user to contacts without following them or connecting with them. You can also add notes and keywords to these users to search for them later.

On their profile or on the three vertical dots on or next to their image (depending if you are on desktop or mobile) you can choose to Unfollow, Disconnect, Edit Contact, or Add Notes.

When you edit a contact, or first add one, you have sliders to allow them to access Professional Data (on your profile depending on your privacy settings in your profile, see Profile section on this page) or your posts, and if you enable this you also have the possibility to enable a slider if they are a prospective professional contact, or current one. Then you can enable what type of professional connection they are, as well as which company or organization. The same goes for Personal slider below that. You can add someone into multiple categories, e.g. both professional and personal.

You cannot add Contacts without also enabling them to be at least a Professional or Personal Acquaintance and thus allowing them to see your general Professional and/or Personal posts. If you want to see someone's public posts without them being a Connection or Contact, just Follow them.

Contact Tags

You can add Tags to contacts that will help you find them easily and filter in searches, e.g. city, country, interest, job type, anything you like — tags are only seen by you.

Contact Notes

You can edit contacts to add Notes (press enter after each note so it appears in the list before you save otherwise the note is not saved) and these notes are date time-stamped and searchable. This helps you to remember where you met someone, what you discussed, any observations that you may like to refer to later. The notes are visible only to you. Then be sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom to Save after adding note(s).

News/Recommendation Slider Value

Some of your Connections may have too many posts that don't interest you, but you still wish to see the occasional post, or you may want to see more. Go to your Contacts menu find the contact and edit them, then on the edit page of that contact choose "Add Notes and Values" and adjust the slider. See section on this page about Contacts.

You cannot do this with those you are just following: if you follow someone you see all their public posts. Currently the only option there is to unfollow someone, or add them as a Contact or Connection.

Recommendation Value: adjust this to how much you value their recommendations in terms of quality and accuracy. This does not yet serve any purpose however, so leave this at zero until new WebTalk features are launched where this slider will have value.


When you connect to a user and assign them permissions to access specific information you post, you are also creating a group channel within your newsfeed for that user label.

When you connect to a user and assign them a label, you are also create a file folder in your contacts for that particular group of contacts so you can easily find them later.

You should probably normally connect to those you have a real life relationship with, perhaps you met them, talked to them, or corresponded with them. Connections allows for direct messaging or "Talk Message". You can edit your Connections to put them into certain categories so they will see any posts you make to those categories. You can Decline a connection request, or view their profile first to decline then Follow if they may be interesting but you don't know them. Connections can also write Recommendations on your Profile page, if correct and you like the Recommendation you can set it to public view, otherwise ignore or delete.

Free accounts are planned to be limited to 50 connections.


You can follow anyone on WebTalk so long as they don't block you (blocking feature is coming soon). Likewise, anyone can follow your public posts. Public posts can even be seen by non WebTalk users. Think of Twitter or Blogging, this is WebTalk Public Posts.

Those you follow you will see only their Public posts in your timeline unless they have also added you as a connection to additional categories such as or sub categories of Professional and Personal. You cannot see what categories they have added you to, that is just for them to control who sees their outgoing posts and profile sections. Likewise, those that follow you will see only your public posts but if you add them as a Connection and allow them to see Personal or Professional posts of yours (see Editing contacts on this page) then they will also see those.

The rule is simple: FOLLOW those you are interested in, and you do NOT need to Connect to those you don't know in real life. Incoming connect requests can be Declined, after viewing their profile, you may decide to Decline the Connection but then click Follow to follow them. If you Decline they don't get any alert of being declined and will still be following your Public posts.

Unfollowing or Disconnecting

Contacts do not have to be people you are following or connected with. At the top of the Edit Contact page for the contact you are editing, are some links: Unfollow (if you no longer want to see their posts), Delete Contact (to delete them completely), or Disconnect (if you are connected but no longer with to be connected, see section on connection. You could keep someone as a contact thus without following them or being connected to them.

If you still want to follow someone but see less of their posts, lower their "News value" slider, see section on News/Recommendation Slider Value

Who can comment on my posts?

Only Connections. (Currently a bug that will be fixed, allows anyone who is follow you to comment, but when this is fixed only those who are your Connections will be able to comment on your posts.)

Who can see who my following/followers?

At present, anyone, but soon, only those who are your Connections will be able to see this.

Why am I seeing posts from RJ Garbowicz?

He is the visionary behind Webtalk along with other co-founders on his team, and during Beta you will see his posts so you can know more about the status and updates. However, very soon you will be able to Unfollow him if you don't wish to see his updates, and you can always choose "Show News From Webtalk" on your Settings page and also you can select "Top News" to see the most important news from Webtalk, on the filter drop down top left above your news feed, or just below your posting box.


You will see a blue number showing how many notifications you have when you are logged into Webtalk. Click on the menu bar top right then Notifications to see all your notifications, or, select just Personal notifications if you have many and just wish to quickly see those from your friends or any other group. More information here.

Inviting Others to Webtalk

Note that you must only invite people that you know to Webtalk. Sending invitations to those you do not know is considered spam and can result in you being banned and losing all referrals: the Terms and Conditions allow Webtalk to terminate accounts at their sole discretion immediately and without explanation. Do not Spam.

How do I send invitations?

You can use the Invite Contacts option on the top right menu to invite others to WebTalk. Although there are a number of options, the most successful is when you write a personal invitation and share your Referral Link which you can find on the Track Referrals page on the same menu. Send and SMS, or a Social Media post, with your invitation referral link or Profile page so that whoever you invite will be in your referral network, even if they do not accept you as a contact or follow you. You can find your Referral link and Profile page links on your Settings page.

Because most invite Emails currently end up in spam, junk or promotion folders in the popular free Email services, it is far more effective to write direct emails from your own Email and include your Referral link in the email, or to send your invitation and referral link to your friends and contacts via SMS or social media. Note that some social media are also blocking referral links, if this happens try using a link to your profile instead.

You can test your referral links and profile pages to see how they look to non-WebTalk users by opening a private browsing window or logging out of WebTalk and then you will see what the public sees on your profile page or your referral link landing page. In both cases, anyone who joins there, will be included in your Referrals which you can see on the menu under Track Referrals. For privacy reasons you will only see those you invited directly, for other levels only the numbers.


Because spammers were abusing the WebTalk system, CSV upload is gone and changes may also be made to the ability to import from your email accounts as well. Sending invitations to WebTalk to those you do not know or are not following you on social media is considered spamming and may result in you losing your account and your referral network without warning. See WebTalk Terms and Conditions.

Earn money with WebTalk

Official rules and documentation are here and on the Profile page of Webtalk Founder and CEO!

THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM IS FREE & ALWAYS WILL BE… the only requirement to participate is that you complete your profile. To remain an affiliate you must make at least one post each month.

Those who join during the current Beta stage will have 5 levels (degrees of separation) for LIFE as soon as they have at least one upgraded account in their first level of direct referrals, until then they earn on their direct referrals only.

Webtalk accounts that are inactive for more than 30-Days will be disqualified from earning the Beta tester Bonus, discluding themselves as a Webtalk Beta tester.

Those who join webtalk after Beta will earn on their first level of referrals only.

Affiliate Program SocialCPX

Other social media platforms make billions of dollars each month and share none of it with their users: the WebTalk Affiliate Program SocialCPX will share up to 50% of all income generated by your referrals for life on your direct referrals (those you invited who then joined WebTalk [uncertain now: no matter if they become a contact or connection or not]. If at least one of them upgrades to a Pro account (starting $20 per month) you will then earn 10% from income generated by all referrals within 5 degrees of separation [but only those who joined during Beta period, expected to end at the end of 2018, others after that will be restricted to direct referrals only (and perhaps only those that become connections of follow you, this is awaiting clarification)]: those you invited, — those they invited, those they invited, those they invited, and all those that they invited — ! The video above at the top of this page explains this very well.

The WebTalk Affiliate program is a THANK YOU to you for loving WebTalk products and sharing them YOUR contacts (by inviting them to connect/follow/recommend you on Webtalk) and helping WebTalk drive new users. It is something that is completely OPTIONAL. You don't have to invite anyone. WebTalk just put a program in place to reward you if you do as their "give back" to you.

The WebTalk Affiliate Program is called SocialCPX.

Why can't I login to SocialCPX?

SocialCPX site will open once you can register as Affiliate when WebTalk is out of BETA testing phase. During Beta testing, your referrals through Webtalk are being recorded and tracked within the Settings page of your Webtalk account. Enrollment and login to SocialCPX is temporarily disabled until Webtalk Beta testing has been completed. A notification will be sent once enrollment to SocialCPX becomes available.

When can I start to earn money?

Webtalk will not begin paying commissions until after Beta testing has been completed.

The WebTalk Affiliate program will open when WebTalk is out of Beta, probably end 2018 or early 2019. The Affiliate program is called SocialCPX and can be found clicking the gift box top right within your Webtalk. Until then, all your invites that join WebTalk, also called referrals, are counted and you can see the statistics on your settings page or by clicking on the menu top right and selecting "Track Referrals".

After Webtalk's affiliate program official launch, everyone will start off at 10% revenue share on their own direct referrals. The additional 4-Tiers will unlock as soon as one of your referrals upgrades to PRO as long as you are one of the first 1M to get qualified. If you aren't, then you continue to earn 10% on your direct referrals like normal.

See also here for more information about the answer to this question.

How will I be paid and how often?

After WebTalk is out of Beta and SocialCPX is launched, you can register as an Affiliate and will be paid whenever the balance reaches $100 (unless you are a U.S. entity having to complete a 1099 form, in which case it is $600). Payments will go to your bank account, or via PayPal and other options such as crypto currency, you choose.

Read why WebTalk's Affiliate Program is in some ways like a lottery ticket.

How do I qualify to be an Affiliate?

Any adult with a 100% complete WebTalk profile, who fills out the application, almost anywhere in the world, can become an Affiliate. You must make at least one post per month, and have an accurate and fully completed profile (the profile bar on your Profile page should show 100%). More information about the upcoming Affiliate Program is here.

Webtalk accounts that are inactive for more than 30-Days will be disqualified from earning the Beta tester Bonus, excluding themselves as a Webtalk Beta tester. Be active!

How do I get commissions from 5 levels?

All those who join during Beta who also get a direct referral who is not a family member and upgrades to a Pro account (starting at $20 per month with added benefits) will, so long as they have at least one ongoing Pro account in their first level, also earn commissions on all 5 levels of referrals, that means all those you invited, plus all those they invited, etc, all the way to 5 degrees of separation. You could be earning three, four, five or even six figure US$ monthly income.

Upgrades after WebTak is out of Beta count as well if there are available places remaining for the 5-Tier commission plan bonus. You'll get paid on all personal referrals who upgrade forever. You have to be one of the first 1 million to acquire a personal upgrade referral to earn 10% through 5-Tiers (if there are more than 1M who pre-qualify during the Beta then those who do will all earn this commission plan forever, and then the official affiliate program will officially launch as a 1-level affiliate program for all new affiliate members.)

WebTalk has added these additional incentives to their early users who invite people that end up becoming customers by upgrading their accounts. Again, that is OPTIONAL and its a THANK YOU for bringing WebTalk customers and providing your referrals with a relationship when they get here.

How long will I be an Affiliate?

So long as you make at least one monthly post, keep your WebTalk Profile in good standing (100% completed), you remain an affiliate for life earning 10% of income generated by your referrals account upgrades, advertising revenue, and at least 1% commission from all sales that take place in the yet to come WebTalk market place within your referral network.

If you have at least one upgraded account in your first level who is not a family member, this unlocks all five levels of referral commission income. If your upgrades accounts fall to zero in your first level you have up to a month to find another, otherwise you will continue to only earn on your first level of referrals for life. One million Affiliates will be allowed to receive all 5 levels commissions, for life, those who are later than the first one million will still earn income from first level (direct referrals) but be on a waiting list in case the number of Affiliates qualified for 5 levels of referral income drops below one million Affiliates.

Do I have to buy anything to earn commissions?

NO! Webtalk will NEVER ask you to purchase anything to participate in the affiliate program. The Beta Tester bonus is automatically awarded once one of your referrals upgrades their free account to a Pro premium feature account.

What happens if one of my referrals drops out?

If one of your referrals at any level closes their account you will NOT lose that leg of connections, they will simply be jumped over by the tracking system, to the next level, unless they are on the 5th level (5 degrees of separation).

What happens after WebTalk is out of Beta?

You will always have affiliate links, but after Beta there will be open enrollment so people aren't forced to join with an invite link. However, this will also make it easier for you to convince friends and colleagues to sign up if they have heard of Webtalk but not yet made the choice.

WebTalk Pre-Qualifcation During Beta

Did you know that during Beta phase (which is now) you can PRE-QUALIFY as a WebTalk affiliate with several added advantages? Do not wait until WebTalk is out of Beta! Read more about this offer here.

Webtalk for Business

Can we have free pages and shops?

Pages and shops will be free, but we will charge transaction fees and also a premium upgrade to businesses to white-label their Page and make it a website without our header and ads.

WebTalk Pro / Premium

Follow for important updates and tips.

WebTalk Premium accounts will have many added value benefit features, see what is currently planned for WebTalk Pro. Note that those who join WebTalk during BETA testing period, will be able to get 50% off the WebTalk Pro Platinum Package for life!

We believe there is more value in WebTalk Premium features than LinkedIn but at half the price, and as a result we believe we will convert free users to paid users at a rate of 5% or about 1/20.

WebTalk Future

Mobile apps, Pages for businesses/entertainers, and Pro premium features will go live AFTER WebTalk complete Beta testing so that bugs are not reproduced. Once these are completed, WebTalk can launch the affiliate program — until then all your referrals are tracked and will count from day one.

All direct referrals/invites you make now WILL pay revenue share when the affiliate program launches. We do show you all referrals through 5-Tiers now, so you all understand the power of the 5-Tier commission plan bonus we are offering. This is intentional to put attention on our premium feature packages. If our users do help us sell them, then we can award more commissions and not have to sell most of the company to scale Webtalk.

Facebook and LinkedIn had to raise billions of dollars and sell 80%+ of the company to venture capitalists to afford to grow the company.

Right now Webtalk is 80% employee-owned and operated. We would like to keep it that way so we can continue on our mission to change the world, and without revenue covering our expenses as we scale to hundreds of millions of users, that will not be possible.

This is why WebTalk are sharing up to 50% of our revenue for life with the first 1 million people who refer just 1 (one) paying customer to Webtalk. Webtalk wanted to offer a WIN-WIN for everyone that hasn't been done before.

Webtalk is an AMAZING product, and could just as easily have paid to advertise or use major affiliate networks like Clickbank and to drive traffic to Webtalk, but that's not the path they took.

The WebTalk Mission

WebTalks wants its users to be invested in their success and theirs in YOURS. Webtalk was built as a product to help you excel in your current careers and that's their goal all the way around.

WebTalk CEO said "Our end game is to decentralize global economics, but we aren't sharing that golden nugget just yet. What I can tell you is that is will be a new form of decentralization. If you think Webtalk is a game-changer now, just wait, there's a lot more!"

Read about Webtalk's Mission here and also now and future plans in images here.

WebTalk Foundation

10% of all WebTalks profits will go to the Webtalk Foundation. Read more about this here.

After WebTalk share up to 50% of our revenue with you, 10% of the remaining profits are going to charity via the WebTalk Foundation. Your SocialCPX dashboard will even allow every user the ability to donate to our foundation and join us on our mission if you so choose to do so.


Joining WebTalk is only possible by invitation. You are very welcome to accept my FREE invitation to join WebTalk by clicking here!

More questions and answers

Where are my invite referral links?

Tap or click on your image top left for drop down menu and select Your Referral Links

What is my Profile Page address?

Top or click on your image top left for drop down meny and select Your Referral Links. You can edit your Profile link ending. It will also work as depending on what you save as your Profile Link. Anyone on your Profile link page who is not a member of WebTalk will see a Join WebTalk link and if they join they will be counted among your first level referrals.

Emails are not arriving

Especially free Emails services such as Hotmail are either rejecting Emails or putting them into the spam/junk/promotions folders. After finding Emails in those folders please mark them as "NOT SPAM" so that in future they will go into inbox, and also whitelist the domain:

Why can't upload more than one picture?

It's a bug on mobile and Microsoft browsers we are working to fix. Please use Chrome, Firefox and Safari on a desktop/laptop for the most optimal experience as the others aren't fully supported yet.

After logging in I'm seeing a blank page

If you see a blank page and the URL shows index.html, are you using TOR? It appears Webtalk is using some protection mechanism against IP addresses that are suspicious, but not showing the usual CAPCHA verification. Until this is resolved, use a Browser that is not running through a TOR VPN.

Inviting contacts limit

You can only use the Webtalk invite Email system from inside Webtalk to invite up to 2,000 Email addresses of people you know for the lifetime of your account. If you intend to invite more, do this with your own Email system or a third party E-mailer, and include your invitation link in the Email. Do not spam those you do not know however, as this could lead to your Webtalk account being closed!

Which browser is best for WebTalk?

Currently Chrome will have the least bugs on desktop and mobile phones for WebTalk. Other browsers may work but with more bugs. These are being worked on, this is one of the reasons why WebTalk is still in BETA.

SMS did not arrive

SMS is not currently functional and many countries may not work at first. It will be announced when SMS verification will be possible.

I cannot add my phone number

Currently, at least in some countries if not all, you cannot add your phone number. Not adding it does NOT stop you from achieving 100% Profile completion.

Can I see who accepted my invitations?

Only those on first level, your direct referrals. Those that they have invited will be counted, but for privacy reasons you cannot see who they are. You can see your total number of referrals on each level (degree of separation) on your Settings Page under Track Referrals.

Can I use WebTalk as a blog?

Yes you can! Just post to Public and it will be visible along with all your other public posts, even to non-WebTalk users, at — non registered users cannot read all of the post, they have to join, and you get credit for the referral! See section earlier above on Blogging for more details.

What about other languages?

WebTalk is designed to work with Google Chrome and Google Translate, so you can use it in any language that way. You an also type using any language into the posting box and comments and Talk direct messages.

Can I delete direct messages?

Not yet, but that feature is coming.

Can I attach files in messages?

You can not currently attach filed in direct Messages but that will be coming soon. You can attach files to Posts, Comments, and Sub-Comments.

Can I block someone?

Not yet, but that is coming. When it is available you will be able to block someone from requesting connection. Anyone can see your public posts and any parts of your Profile that you have made public.

Where is WebTalk HQ Office?

St Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Where is WebTalk popular?

So far, 70% of registered WebTalk members are outside USA, WebTalk is very international.

Can I post political things?

WebTalk is agnostic. You can post anything that is not against the law, defamatory, slanderous, bullying, encouraging violence or attacking any particular group of people. These will be in the WebTalk Terms of Service.

What type of things can I post?

Use common sense, as you would on any social media platform, if not sure, please see the WebTalk Terms of Service.

Can I post links in comments on posts?

You can, as well as images even in comments. BUT do NOT post links that are off topic or marketing etc on other people's posts. This is considered spamming and is against WebTalk Terms of Service.


You can see the latest WebTalk Privacy Policy here.

Note that like with all social media some technical stalf at WebTalk could take a peek at any post of any setting for debugging purposes, common sense applies to never upload anything on the Internet that you don't want your provider or government to see. This applies across all social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others. Other users cannot see your posts outside of the categories you have posted them to.

Can I Chat on WebTalk?

Chatting is not currently available but may be in future. You can post, comment on posts and comment on comments ("sub comments") and you can also send direct WebTalk Messages to those with whom you have mutual WebTalk connection.

How can I "mention" a contact in a post?

Type @ followed by their name, and they should pop up, then you can click/tap on the correct pop up name and they will be mentioned (tagged) in the post and received a "… mentioned you" notification.

Can I change my Profile web address?

Yes, go to your Settings, and in profile, edit the last part, if it is not used by someone else, it is yours. Note that you can leave out the /be/home when sharing your Profile URL so that your profile URL is simply

I cannot paste into WebTalk

If you have this problem, it is a bug which is being investigated and affects some browsers (e.g. FireFox, or older versions of FireFox). Use Google Chrome for now as this is currently the best supported browser during BETA period.

Can we have rotational banners?

Coming soon!

Can I have a group page?

Yes, see WebTalk Future section on this page. Coming after Beta.

Do I have to register on WebTalkPro.Net?

NO. Not unless you want to use the forums. This web site is not the official WebTalk web site and is created to assist you in understanding and using WebTalk as well as answering common questions. We want you to get the most out of WebTalk.

I have another question

You can try asking in the Telegram group chat: if you cannot find the answer on this page or you can click/tap on Help within your WebTalk page or menu to open an Email to WebTalk Support.


Joining WebTalk is only possible by invitation. You are very welcome to accept my FREE invitation to join WebTalk by clicking here — and note that you do not have to connect to me or follow me after joining, that is entirely up to you!

After joining be sure to invite your friends, colleagues, anyone you know so they too can benefit from all that WebTalk has to offer.

This page is under constant development, you can see when it was last updated below, please come back to check for additional information or changes.

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