WPN Membership

WPN Membership is open to those who qualify (see Criteria below) and applications are put forward to existing Members who have the option to decline an application.


WPN applicants approved for Membership must:

  • Have a Webtalk Account
  • Real Name on Profile
  • Correct Capitalization
  • Appropriate real photo
  • Good background photo
  • Tag line and location
  • More Followers than Following
  • A professional About Me section
  • Clear tags of various Interests
  • Current or last position held
  • Accurate information
  • Keep Profile up to date


Some of the problems that are overcome with WPN Membership: Webtalk currently has no verified accounts, scams and fake accounts exist, not easy to find where and who are the professionals, to get 10 connections on Webtalk quickly to complete Profile 100% with quality Connections.

WPN offers some solutions and benefits including:

  • Promotion of your main interest(s) and/or area of operation on the Profiles page.
  • Advice on improving Webtalk Profile including assistance in correcting any errors.
  • First in line from Members for any opportunities, via restricted targeted posts or Email.
  • Verified authentic identity and Profile, in advance of Webtalk Verified accounts.
  • Larger Follower numbers due to prospective Members and those wanting to follow influencers.
  • High Quality Connections, with the minimum required 10 Connections for Webtalk Affiliate.
  • Expert advice, connections, opportunities on Webtalk timeline from other WPN Members.
  • Friendship, support, assistance, is encouraged among WPN Members, as well as meet ups.
  • Easy to edit Wiki pages that benefit from corrections and improvement by other Members.

Additional benefits include:

  • high standards
  • verified IDs
  • immediate access to professional content
  • listing on WPN website under Top Profiles
  • obtaining more Followers
  • knowing who to Follow right away
  • obtaining help with Profiles
  • getting more visibility, traffic
  • authenticity and credibility
  • advice and expertise from WPN Members
  • useful timeline with high quality content
  • a world wide network of professionals
  • a family that supports one another
  • network of industrious, capable people
  • first in line to receive opportunities
  • influence the development of Webtalk Pro
  • have a united voice with Webtalk

WPN Members lead by example in correct implementation of "showcase your talent, communicate better and achieve more success" not just as a slogan but in application. They assist one another as appropriate.

How to become a WPN Member?

  1. Follow all of the Webtalk Accounts listed on the WPN Members Profiles page.
  2. Accept any Connection requests coming from any of those WPN Members.
  3. If you receive any incoming Connection requests from an existing WPN Member, you can accept and then send them a direct message saying you are interested in applying for Membership.

NOTE: Do not send repeated Connection Requests. If you are not already Connected, you should FOLLOW existing WPN Members. If you meet the Criteria mentioned on this page above, you WILL eventually receive Connection requests from some of those WPN Members that you are following.

NOTE TO WPN MEMBERS: If you receive a request for Membership via Direct Message, please view the applicant's profile. If you think they meet the Criteria, please contact WPN Secretary via DM with a link to the applicant's profile so the Secretary can review and notify other Members as appropriate.


WPN members agree to all the above, as well as to post on Webtalk at least a few times per month and to remain qualified by continuing to meet the membership criteria above.