Instead of using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others that make money off our use every time we see the advertisements but give us none of this money and don't share it with their users, we should use Webtalk which will be giving us 10% of all of the income they make from those that we invite for life.


For those who have joined Webtalk via any member of the Team or their referrals you have a special fast-track step by step method to follow and will receive support toward success. Although it is helpful if you read the rest of this page and even other parts of this site including Articles if your primary objective is to earn money as fast and big as possible, here is your simple, not-pretty, no nice pictures, but practical step by step process to follow, go to: Start! If you've already been there, please read the rest of this page.

How to get started

After signing up to Webtalk, start by inviting those that are close to you and know you best: your family, friends and work colleagues by sharing your Invitation Landing page link which you find in your "Track Referrals" menu when you are logged in to Webtalk. Use Webtalk every day, and start with these 5 easy steps. Once you have done that for a while, you can start inviting others, and even have local meet ups where you invite those that you have invited, to bring along their family and friends along with their mobile internet phone, so that you can help them to demonstrate Webtalk and get their friends and family also signed up under them, by using their own referral links (see Track Referrals on their Webtalk menu).

You can also freely post your sign up links anywhere on social media, in Emails, forum and Email signatures, etc. The more people see them, the better. It may be an idea to write "Please watch the video on this page: …" (and insert your landing page link there).

In this way you are ALL building up future income FOR LIFE from Webtalk which give you 10% of all income from advertising, account upgrades, business pages, market place where goods, services and time can be sold, and much more besides, from every person you invited to Webtalk. As soon as anyone that you've invited upgrades to a Pro account and pays for a year subscription, then you will also receive 10% of all income from those that they invited, and so on, to FIVE DEGREES OF SEPARATION!

Again: 10% of ALL income generated by all those you invited and they invited, etc, 5 levels of separation deep, goes to you for life! This is a great way to be making money into the future by simply doing what you normally do on Facebook or other platforms, and instead, now do it on Webtalk - you can link your other social media accounts from your Webtalk Settings menu page, and then update them at the same time from Webtalk! Each update will also contain a link to Webtalk and anyone joining there will be IN YOUR referral network!

NOTE: You must be over 18 and complete your profile to 100% before you can register - for FREE - to earn income from Webtalk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: See "Track Referrals" in your [[Webtalk]] three bars menu to see how many are in your referral network. This will soon display how much money you are earning, and you can then register your bank or PayPal or Stripe etc details with SocialCPX from within your dashboard, so you can be paid out those earnings into your account. Certain conditions apply: a completed accurate Profile, real name and photo, at least one monthly public post (see below).

Forward to Success

Once you have been using Webtalk regularly with your friends, family, colleagues and connections, and are thus familiar with how it works, and have built up a good profile and got at least one Recommendation from one of those who know you, on your profile, now you can be ready to register with SocialCPX from within your dashboard.

Until such time, and even afterwards, use Webtalk to show the best of your profile, put it in your Email signatures, share your invitation link on other social media, and remember that even from your Profile page anyone clicking the Join button there, will automatically be in your referral network and you will see them on your Track Referrals page. Use the great networking capabilities of Webtalk to find opportunities.

The more you use Webtalk on a daily basis and the more people you invite, or join via your profile of via your posts which you can also link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other media when you press the relevant buttons when making an update — no need to use Facebook etc do it from Webtalk because then your updates will ALSO include a link to Webtalk and anyone who joins will be in YOUR referral network!

Conditions for Earning Money

Your Webtalk profile needs to be at 100% completion: go to your profile and see the progress bar list to see what needs to be completed. Don't stress, it is NOT hard to get to 100%! You must be over 18 years of age. This is enough to qualify you to earn from first level direct invitations, for life.

To earn from all levels 2-5 of your referrals, you must have at least one account among your direct referrals who has upgraded to a Pro account either with a yearly subscription, or after 12 months on a monthly subscription: it is expected around 5% of accounts will upgrade, so if you have invited 30 or more people and anyone with a business or a professional, you have a good chance to start earning.

A third condition to receive a commission (10%) from all 5 levels of separation from your invites, is that you are in the first one million affiliates to qualify. More details are available via your Webtalk dashboard.

Webtalk will have many ways of generating money from members, and you get 10% of all that income from all of those you invited. You will ALSO get 10% from all of those that were invited by them, to five degrees of separation, for life, as soon as any ONE of your direct invitees on the first level have upgraded their account to a Pro account. Only ONE of your invitees needs to upgrade to unlock those additional 4 levels. YOU do not have to upgrade yourself.

So, keep inviting, you will soon earn from all of your direct referrals, and as soon as any one of them upgrades to a paid account (those features will promoted for you from inside Webtalk) then you will unlock the 10% of all earnings from the remaining 4 levels. You may even earn 4, 5 or even 6 figure dollar earnings PER MONTH — your 5th level could easily contain hundreds of thousands of people within a year or so, so get started now inviting others before others invite you!

Webtalk will always be free, account upgrades just offer additional benefits for professionals, job seekers, those selling products and services, stealth and unlimited profile views etc. These additional features will be announced when they go live around mid 2019.

Advice on using Webtalk

Make sure to Edit each of your Contacts, to add useful tags, such as location, or job, or interest, so that you can easily find them when searching your Contacts. Also put them into the correct category, such as Professional, and/or Personal, and any sub categories. This will help you a lot later. If you do not know the person directly and you don't have much to offer them as yet, don't Connect, instead, Follow, and Save As Contact. If you don't want to see their public posts but just save them as a Contact, then choose Save Contact.

When you get incoming Connection requests, visit the Profile of the person if you do not know them, and only accept Connections from people you know, or who have a good profile and are not fake. You can tell a fake profile by some things such as if they are Following thousands of people. If they are following thousands, they will not see your posts, and are just playing games. If you decline a Connection request, that is quite OK, they will only be following your public posts.

If you accept a Connection request, they will see your general Professional and/or Personal posts, unless you post with Custom, depending on which category you put them in.

How to use this site for your success

Remember, this site is for YOUR information. After you have joined Webtalk, invite others using your invite landing page link which you can find under your Track Referrals menu. Tell those that you invite that you will answer any questions they have. When there is a question you don't know the answer for, come to this site and look for the answer, or ask them to use "Help" from their Webtalk menu.


Content from this site can ONLY be used by those who have joined via my invitation. All others are not allowed to copy or publish any part of this site.

For More Help: see the Help menu from your Webtalk