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Joining Webtalk is a simple sign up and free: Sign up for free via my invitation here.

On my above invitation link is also a video that explains how Webtalk can help you showcase your talent, communicate better, achieve more success.

After joining, be sure to come back here and read through the 3 steps on the home page at

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk simply replaces "social media" because it is much better than Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and also will have features that make other social media networks superfluous. You can link those accounts to your Webtalk account, and by posting your updates from Webtalk you can automatically update Facebook, LinkedIn etc, depending on which buttons you enable. This saves you time but also has the added benefit that each of your updates contains a link for those wanting to join Webtalk, and whoever joins via your update links will be in your referral network which will earn you money!

There are 5 main benefits of Webtalk other than saving time:

  1. Your can target your post to the right audiences easily: friends, family, acquaintances, professional connections, personal connections, all connections, public, colleagues, potential investors, clients, etc. easily and quickly be selecting the right audience on the post drop down.
  1. You see what you want to see by easily filtering your news feed: the company doesn't control what you see, you do! This is easy and quick, you can change your time line to show only posts from close friends, all friends, colleagues, classmates, etc, the possibilities are endless and very easy.
  1. You have a powerful profile page with privacy settings for each section of your profile. You can show some to professional connections, others to personal connections, and what you want to be seen by everyone or no one. Easy to understand and more powerful than other social networks. You also get to see whenever someone views your profile, who they are, and can then view their profile too.
  1. Contacts and Connections in Webtalk is a powerful Social CRM - Connections Relationship Management made easy: you can add notes visible only to you about each contact, decide and change which networks of yours they are in (professional, personal, friends, mere acquaintance, general public, work colleagues, etc… the possibilities are almost endless. You can add your own tags to your contacts to make them easy to find in searches. It's the most powerful Social CRM our there.
  1. You will earn money from Webtalk if you register as an affiliate when the affiliate commission service opens later this year. Meanwhile you can track all of your referrals from your Track Referrals page via the menu, and see exactly how many people have joined via your invitation page, how many have joined via those, and so on, to five degrees of separation and you will earn 10% of ALL of those 5 degrees of separation later this year, for life! (Conditions apply, see Success.

Learn how to be successful with Webtalk to get the most out of it AND EARN MONEY.